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About Maxwell Real Estate


As a vanguard of Real Estate Agency, Maxwell offers high-level of relocation service to expatriates and multi-national companies in Beijing. With years of experience, is excellent at helping both individual and corporate clients cut costs while getting projects done quickly and efficiently. We have successfully served many Fortune 500 Companies, such as NOKIA, BMW, SLB,Roc Oil, IBM and LG, etc.; furthermore, our service is trusted by many embassies like British Embassy, divisions of UN,  with which we have built up the largest embassy market field in Beijing Trust Well’s customer-oriented, cost-effective service crowns us high reputation among many expatriate communities. In addition, a data base of over thousands of properties with one of the largest “Private landlord” networks ensures us to meet various needs of our clients.


Our experienced international teams, who truly understand the needs of expatriates working and living in China, could provide expert, unbiased advice on the residential leasing in Beijing.


What do we do?


The Maxwell Real Estate Team is divided into four primary specializations: Pre-Departure and Orientation, Home search, Post Move in Support, Asset Management.




Professional service by Maxwell Real Estate agency


Home Search

Our consultants are very experience and they are all got 3-6 years experience in this field.



·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Are highly experienced, meaning your company and staff will be in safe hands.

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Save you money by negotiating fiercely with landlords.

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Have extensive intelligence and knowledge of the local market.

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Save time by being 100% committed to helping our clients settle in quickly.

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Understand expat needs and communicate clearly with excellent English.

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Have the support of advanced management tools and a professional team.

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Understand corporate housing policies, anticipating your needs and saving you time and effort.


Prior to your home search trip


MAXWELL consultant will contact you by email or phone call to introduce themselves and:

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Review your needs based on your completed needs assessment and your initial call to  

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Confirm your home search dates

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Screen and preview properties

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Prepare a detailed schedule and proposal for your review and approval


During your home search trip


On the agreed date of your home search we will:

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Meet you at your hotel and provide comfortable transportation for the home search tour

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Give you the welcome pack and review its contents with you

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Provide you with a final itinerary and review it with you. We will show you on a map where the properties we will view are located

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Provide you with a detailed checklist for every property you will view

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Advise on location of property and convenience of transportation, local shops and services

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Discuss your likes and dislikes at the end of the day and make appropriate changes to the following day’s itinerary


After housing has been selected (prior to move in)


1. Walkthrough and lease negotiations

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Advise you on local real estate practices, including security deposit requirements, etc

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Advise on how much negotiation is possible depending on market area

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Conduct a final walkthrough of the property with you to identify repairs to be done and other requirements

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Review lease to ensure all leases are appropriate

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Explain terms and requirements for lease

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Coordinate lease signatures, security deposit payment and rental



2. Pre-inspection

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Advise you on local real estate practices, such as security deposit requirements, etc

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Meet with the landlord and check all items by following standard check-in process and ensure all repairs are done properly

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Clear up pending utility bills and assist with connecting utilities ready for move in day

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Pre-inspection report prior to your move in

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Issue a welcome letter (including items to bring for move in)

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Accompany check in and support all necessary registration

·         http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Start Maxwell courtesy 24/7 tenancy management services


3. Handover and Moving in


Our consultant will accompany you and the landlord to ensure everything is in line with the offer letter and leasing agreement. We’ll also check furniture, appliances and property condition to ensure there are no faults.

http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Check the utility meters to set the cut-off date for utility payment

        http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Check the furniture and electronic appliances status

       http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif Teach clients how to use all electronic appliances

       http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif write down the defaults

        http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gifstop by compound management office and knows here and gym well


 http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.giforientation nearby the compound

        http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif Plice registration accompany

        http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif internet and telephone installation assit


4: Post-move support


Our consultants and support team will be here to help you get used to your new home, make necessary repairs and understand all the procedures of living in China (e.g. utility payment, internet access, etc)

http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Teach how and where to buy water, gas and electricity

        http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Assist on maintenance, any repair needed, and report and explain to property office

       http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif   Report to factory if any electronic appliance broken

       http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  ayi translation and driver translation assist

        http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gifdefault written down if happens



5.  Check out support

http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Check the utility meters to settle utility payment

        http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  Check the furniture and electronic appliances

       http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  internet and telephone cancellation assit

       http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  assit on negoiation with landlord if anythng damaged, assist until it settle

       http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/images/bullet.gif  get back the deposit


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