Shopping Center and Reastaurants

Sanlitun Village - 三里屯Village
Introduction: This impressive example of innovative architecture, design and shopping includes luxury brand stores such as Versace, Ports International, Class Roberto Cavalli and Kosta Boda Orrefors. But the most exciting venues are the Apple Store and Adidas's flagship store. The Village also houses a multi-plex cinema and excellent eateries.
Add: Courtyard 19, Sanlitun Road, Sanlitun
三里屯路19号院, 城市宾馆北面
Tel: 6417 6110

Sanlitun Yashow Clothing Market - 三里屯雅秀服装市场
Introduction: This is another silk market and it's crowded and stuffy. But this market is still worth a visit for all the bargains on suits, silk products and DVDs. Just remember to bargain hard.
Add: 58 Gongti Beilu
Tel: 6415 0063
Website:www.yashowmarket.com Silk Street Market (Xiushui) - 秀水服装市场
Introduction: Silk Alley lies in Xiushui Dongjie (East Xiushui Street) off Jianguomenwai Street, near the US Embassy. A bargain hunters' paradise, offering bags, shoes, handicrafts and sweaters.
Add: 8 Xiushui Dongjie, Jianguomen
Tel: 5169 9003
Hrs: 9:30am-9:00pm

Hongqiao Market - 红桥市场
Introduction: Also known as the pearl market, this is the place to go for cheap fake pearls that look like the real deal. A separate area sells traditional, western and knock-off goodies for kids.
Add1: 36 Tiantan Donglu, Chongwen
Tel: 6711 8984
Hrs: 8:30am-7:00pm

Women's Street - 女人街
Introduction: Nvren Jie, also known as Women's Street, offers fashionable goods imported from Guangzhou, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and around the globe.

Add: A-1, 9 Maizidian Xilu, Chaoyang District

3·3 Clothing Market - 3·3服装市场
Introduction: This five storey building contains more than 500 boutiques selling clothing and accessories with most items are picked up from Hong Kong and overseas. The price is not low, so bargin hard. They also offer a huge parking area of5, 000sqm.
Add: 33 Sanlitun Beijie
Tel: 6417 3333
Hrs: 11:00am-11:00pm

Jiayi Vogue Square - 佳亿时尚广场
Introduction: Patrolled by diva moms on a budget, Jiayi offers a more upscale and relaxing shopping experience than Yaxiu but with similar bargains on designer brands.
Add: A3 Xinyuan Nanlu, opposite Hotel Kunlun
新源南路甲3号, 昆仑饭店对面
Tel: 8451 1810

Beijing Strategy - 北京攻略
Introduction: This oddly-named boutique is known for their trendy Korean and Japanese style clothes, but you also can find traditional Thai clothing, Indian-style jewelry, Pakistani handicrafts and French accessories.
Add: 5-7/F, Huawei Center, 130 Xidan Beidajie

Wangfujing Street - 王府井大街
Introduction: To the east of the Forbidden City, Wangfujing is a pedestrianized shopping street lined with boutiques, department stores, malls, galleries and restaurants. It starts at East Chang'an Jie in the south, and ends with the China Art Gallery in the north, and is a popular shopping destination for tourists and locals alike. Landmark businesses along the street include: the Beijiing Department Store, the New Dong'an Bazaar, the Arts and Crafts Mansion, the Foreign Language Bookstore, the Shengxifu Hat Store, and the Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant.
Add: East of Tian'anmen Square

Xidan Commercial Street - 西单商业街
Introduction: Located on the bustling Xidan Beidajie west of Tiananmen Square, Xidan Commercial Street boasts a wide array of shops and restaurants. Beijing's city planners have ambitious ideas for the area: the Xidan Food Market, the Snack Center, the Kangle Sports Center, and the National Product Sales Center are all supposed to be built in the Xidan Commercial district within the next five years. At present, there are eight large markets in the area, including the Xidan Market, the Xidan CVIK Store, the Xidan Shopping Center, and the Zhongyou Department Store.

Add: Xidanbei Dajie, west of Tiananmen Square
西单北大街, 天安门广场西

Wudaokou Clothing Market - 五道口服装市场
Introduction: Small and stylish boutiques line this market, selling casual and trendy T-shirts, jeans, skirts and accessories at prices cheaper than those at Xidan.
Add: 261 Beisihuan Zhonglu

Solana shopping center

蓝色港湾购物中心(Lanse Gangwan Gouwu Zhongxin)

The place in concentrated residential areas. The high-end national chain of franchised stores, or the clothes-oriented department shops, the restaurants, entertainment facilities, bookshops and cinemas gathered here. It can cater for the needs on retail of the consumers in the business circle and the pursuit to the lifestyle of entertainment. It has the feature of the open air and good environment. It is a leisure-oriented and consuming place with elegant environment, construction and decoration styles.

Add: No. 6, Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang District


Tel: 5905-6565/5905-6568

Open: 10am-10pm


Laitai Flower and Plant Maket

莱太花卉市场(Laitai Huahui Shichang)

Flowers and plants for sale in a relatively quiet setting. Prices are higher than usual and bargaining is not quite as easy here.

Add: 9 Maizidian Xilu


Open: 9am-6pm


Lufthansa Flower Supermarket

燕莎花卉市场(Beijing Huahui Shichang)

Gorgeous cut flowers available by the stem, bouquet, or basket. The variety is good and bargaining is the norm. On the second floor-gardening accessories, books, vases, fertilizer, and even patio furniture.

Add: 8 Xiao Liangmahe, just south of the Lufthansa Center off the northeast Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District.


Open: 8am-5:30pm



Furniture Shops

IKEA - 宜家家居
Introduction: This Scandinavian brand specializes in modern and affordable furniture and accessories. The Beijing branch is the largest in the world outside Sweden and features everything from desks to sofas to kitchen sinks.
Add: 59 Futong Dongdajie, Wangjing, northwest of Siyuanqiao
阜通东大街59号, 四元桥西北角
Tel: 6479 2345
Website:www.ikea.com.cn QM Furniture - 曲美家居
Introduction: Led by a Danish designer, this is one of the oldest shops in the capital, focusing on high-end home furnishings and specializing in dining, bedroom and living room sets infused with a northern European concern for simplicity and quality textile.
Add: 29 Xiaoyun Road, Nvren Jie
Tel: 6461 1709


B & Q - 百安居
Introduction: With numerous locations all over China, this domestic hardware store is the go-to venue for all your tool and appliance needs. Perfect for those trendy housekeepers and do-it-yourself fixer-uppers out there. It'll be hard not to spend the day.
Add1: 31 Guangqu Road
Tel: 8776 8811
Add2: 66 Xiangbin Road, Laiguangying
Tel: 8490 4848



Boloni Lifestyle Museum - 博洛尼家居体验馆
Introduction: Specializing in cutting-edge designs, this company features Italian-style kitchen and bath wares as well as bedding, sofas and dining tables. Perfect for creating that ideal home atmosphere that you've been yearning for.
Add: 9 Dingcheng Lu, Beisihuan
北四环鼎成路9号, 居然之家向北100米
Tel: 8489 9001

Introduction: Featuring a wide variety of items in Asian and European-inspired designs, this trendy shop sells all sorts of furniture, antique accessories, dishware, cushions, lamps, fabrics, mirrors, pottery and more. No wonder it has become such a favorite among expats.
Add1: No.6 East 4th Ring North Road
Tel: 5131 7506
Add2: Boutique 3, Phase1, Central Park, No.6 Chaowai Dajie
Tel: 6597 0650
Add3: 2km East from the North Gate of 798 New Art Zone, 2 Jiuxianqiao Road
Tel: 6431 6366


Long Shun Cheng Antique Furniture - 龙顺成中式家俱
Introduction: Traditional Chinese style furniture, ornaments, Chinese paintings and calligraphy can be found at this Beijing market along with a large selection of old currency and other fun knick knacks.
Add: 64 Yongdingmen Waidajie, Chongwen 永定门外大街64号
Tel: 6722 5722

Ilinoi - 伊力诺依
Introduction: Delicate, brightly colored furniture and home accessories. Highlight is the pretty dinnerwares and cane products. Find great bargains at Ililnoi cut-rate outlet.
Add: Inside Goldenport, No.1 jingangdadao
Tel: 8433 4969/4902

AIKA - 爱家家居
Introduction: With a good collection of well-known Chinese labels, AIKA is a good place for home renovation and decoration.
Add: 66 Beixiangbin Road, Guangshun Beidajie 广顺北大街香宾路66号
Tel: 8490 4695

Aussino - 澳西奴
Introduction: An Australian fashion brand that is synonymous with soft home furnishings and is known globally for its range of home fashion products. High quality bedding and towels in a large range of colors and patterns.

Add: No.55 Xinjiekou Nandajie
Tel: 6618 7224


De Yi Jia International Furniture - 德意家国际家居
Introduction: Full of world famous brand furnitures and homewares.
Add: A113 Shaoyaoju Beili
Tel: 8463 6999

Easyhome - 居然之家
Introduction: Large home-renovating center selling nationally and internationally well-known brands containing all kinds of home furnishing products including flooring, tiles, hardware and furniture.
Add1: 65 Beisihuan Donglu, Olympic Area
Tel: 8463 9988
Add2: Golden Resources Shopping Mall, 1 Yuanda Lu, Haidian
Tel: 8887 3315/3500

Beijing Traditional Streets

Qianmen Shopping Street - 前门购物街
Introduction: Standing in the heart of Beijing's "Teutonic enclave"- an area roughly delimited by the German Embassy School, Lufthansa Center and German Food Center- the Kempinski is popular with European tourists, airline staff and executives. F & B options include the Kempi Deli and Paulaner Brauhaus. The Kempinski complex is also home to a shopping mall, offices, an international school and the International Medical Center. RMB 2,000-14,000.
Add: Qianmen Dajie, Xuanwu District


Nanluoguxiang - 南锣鼓巷
Introduction: Over eight centuries old, this one kilometer alleyway is the hub of Beijing bohemian life. Filled with cafes, bars and shops carved out of classic alleys. It's beijing's answer to the French Quarter. Hipsters, musicians, artists and tourists rub shoulders tipping cheap beers on outdoor patios or shopping for cool, locally-designed trinkets. You will find Pottery Shop, Grifted and Plastered T-shirts are three must-visit shops here.
Add: Nanluoguxiang, Gulou
南锣鼓巷, 鼓楼


Yandai Xiejie - 烟袋斜街
Introduction: At this world famous landmark in the Gulou area you'll find Chinese antiques, traditional arts and crafts, fashionable clothes, Tibetan accessories as well as traditional Beijing traditional snacks. All this packed into just 300 meters of street.


Tianhou Silk City - 天厚绸庄
Introduction: This market is all about silk. Inside, find 200 kinds of silk garments and accessories including unique, hand-made silk quilts. It's the place to go if you want to refurbish your bedroom out in total silk or drape yourself in embroidery. There's also an educational component as they show the entire process of making silk.
Add: 52 Xuzhuang Road, Haidian District

Baoguo Temple Culture Market - 报国寺文化市场
Introduction: Known as "little Panjiayuan", this market specializes in old-style Chinese comics, picture books and calligraphies. Muscle in between collectors and investors to find almost all picture books ever published in China or grab the "four treasures of study", brush pens, ink, ink slabs and paper. Go on the weekend when it's especially bustling.
Add: Baoguo Temple, Guang'anmennei



Paper Cuttings Store
Introduction: There are variety of mediums which include paper-cut albums, paper-cut scrolls and framed paper-cut. The contents of paper-cuts have many meanings, Beijing folk custom, many kinds of person figures, Peking opera masks, 12 symbolic animals, Chinese auspicious pictures, landscapes, and different kinds of animals. Many different traditional Chinese art activities are also held in the courtyard. The export trade with the other countries is also run very well here. Great place for traditional Beijing handcrafts.
Add: In Private Museum, No.3 of Guozijian Street



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